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See details of the Wild Atlantic Way below.

See   Malin Head – Google Search

If travelling by KAYAK (by sea) see info at bottom of page….

Travelling round Ireland anti clockwise

  • GPS

See Sandrock Holiday Hostel on GPS : N 55 degrees 21 mins 42.4 secs/ W 007 degrees 21 mins 30.4secs.

  • BY CAR and CYCLE:

To find a car route to Malin Head  – see GOOGLE -Maps  or see various maps available in all garages, supermarkets etc or look us up on the GPS info above or look up route maps and type in from where ever you are leaving and then your destination ‘Malin Head’   Follow the road R242 and when you arrive in Malin Head follow the roadsigns  ‘Sandrock Holiday Hostel’ from the Crossroads Inn location onto the L1011 road..

From CARNdonagh you can simply follow the Wild Atlantic Way (N) sign.   It is a blue WAW (N) sign to Malin Head and turn off at the ‘Sandrock Holiday Hostel’

  • BY BUS

Local Buses available Direct to Hostel. We have listed below several bus route informations.

The easiest way by public transport is on Mondays to Fridays to be in Derry at 3pm to catch the North West Busways connection to Carndonagh (3.10pm) at Patrick Street, Derry which is opposite the cinema.

** Then in Carndonagh catch the Inishowen Rural Bus (local link route 1429) to Malin Head and ask for Sandrock Holiday Hostel. They will bring you to the hostel. They will also pick up at the Hostel at 11-45am any day Mondays to Fridays to connect with other buses in Carndonagh to Derry and Letterkenny.  .

Timetables see  (Route 1429 mentioned above is not shown on this site) BUT Route 955 which is a new route from Buncrana to Carndonagh to Malin Head is and runs 7 days a week.

Bus arriving at Hostel

Bus arriving at Hostel


If you are travelling from Letterkenny Monday to Friday there is a North West Busways (Red Bus) at 1pm departing Charlie’s Cafe, Pearse Road & Tinneys Oil Co., Station Road Roundabout which arrives in Carndonagh at 2-20pm which links with ** above.

On Sundays there is very little public transport available in rural Ireland. The Rural Bus Service (local link route 1429) leaves Carndonagh at 12-45pm for Derry. ( One bus only) and returns from Derry (Foyle Street/ Cinema) to Carndonagh at 5-15pm.  You will have to hitch/ hire a cycle in Carndonagh or get a taxi to/from the hostel to/from Carndonagh.

From JUNE 2018 -Route 955 which is a new route from Buncrana to Carndonagh to Malin Head  runs 7 days a week.  Timetables see  (Route 1429 mentioned above is not shown on this site) BUT Route 955 which is a new route from Buncrana to Carndonagh to Malin Head is and runs 7 days a week.

Long Distance Services:
Your main objective is to get to Carndonagh (Known locally as CARN) on the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal. If coming direct to Sandrock Holiday Hostel from Belfast, Dublin* or Galway get the DERRY bus’. Derry has local services to Carndonagh (CARN) Inishowen.  For travel at other times and on Saturdays and Sundays you will have to hitch/ hire a cycle in Carndonagh or get a taxi to the hostel from Carndonagh which is 17kms from the hostel.

There are regular bus services to and from Derry to Belfast, Galway and Dublin every day. The regular bus service direct from Belfast City and the International Airports to Derry. It is called ‘Airporter’ See

Bus Eireann [Irish National Bus Company]

Dublin / Dublin Airport /Galway to Derry [Derry is much nearer to Malin Head, Inishowen than Letterkenny]

John McGinley Licenced Private Bus Service

Daily to and from Dublin via Dublin Airport and Carndonagh (CARN) Inishowen. This bus leaves from Parnell Square Dublin –  Monday to Saturday at 9-30am (Dublin Airport at 9-45am) and 5-45pm (Dublin Airport at 6pm) . There is an extra service on Fridays at 3-30pm.  On Sundays at 12-30pm and  8-30pm. Tickets are purchased on board the bus. To make reservations telephone 00353 74 91 35201 from abroad or 074 91 35201 from within Ireland or for timetables.




  • Foyle Ferry – Greencastle to and from Magilligan Northern Ireland( ROUTE TO GIANTS CAUSEWAY)T

    The Scenic Lough Foyle Ferry 2018

Linking the Wild Atlantic Way with the Causeway Coast.





Summer Sailing

Officially sailing !

We are delighted to announce the FOYLE FERRY have officially opened for summer 2018! Starting Friday 25th May and sailing everyday until Sunday 16th September between Greencastle and Magilligan Point. We will be operating a continuous shuttle service between 9am and 8:15pm and we are very excited to have you on board with us. #takethescenicroute #foyleferry #loughfoyle

Important information regarding  sailings –

For 2018 price list please click on this link

Sailing Times

Visit facebook page for daily information


Operator is Frazer Ferries Company

When operating – Departing Greencastle on the hour and Magilligan at operating a continuous shuttle service from 9am to 8-15pm. The journey times and fares can be found on the website or  Telephone 074 93 81901






  • Swilly Ferry – Buncrana to and from

  • Rathmullan.


The Buncrana to Rathmullan Ferry was operating from 1st June 2018 to 9th September 2018. NO MORE SAILINGS THIS YEAR

Now known as the Lough Swilly Ferry telephone 087 211 2331.   The journey times and fares can be found on the website or email:  Booking is essential for vehicles

The scenic journey time is 40 minutes.  Operating between 10am  to 6pm (Buncrana) and 10-40am to 6-40pm (Rathmullan) on a first come, first served service.


See   Email:

Telephone: 00 353(0)87 211 2331


The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland’s first long-distance touring route, stretching along the Atlantic coast from HERE – Malin Head in Donegal to West Cork

  • MALIN HEAD is a ‘MUST SEE’ location in the new, soon to be circulated, brochure dealing with the treasures of the Wild Atlantic Way.   This is a new tourist route opened in March 2014. This travel guide has been designed to highlight some of the hidden treasures along the route, places where locals like to go and which lie off the beaten track.

Follow the (N) north signs from Cork to Malin Head and onto Derry.   From Derry to Cork via Malin Head follow the (S) south signs.

See  Malin Head – Google Search



If you see this brown road sign  ‘Inishowen 100’  – It refers to a scenic 100 mile circular road route around the Inishowen Peninsular.   You can google it or pick up the details at Sandrock Holiday Hostel or the tourist offices in Carndonagh or Buncrana. 


  • Malin Head Tours is operated by tour guides who are members of the community on Saturdays  at 12 noon from Malin Head Community Centre.  Experience the breathtaking views and hear tales of local legends, ancient traditions and sunken ships etc while travelling around Ireland’s most outstanding landscapes.  Tickets can be purchased from the Northern Bites Cafe or by phoning 086 3165395.  Each guided tour takes one and a half hours.  Family, students, seniors and group concessions apply.

REMEMBER if you are having difficulties with travel arrangements always contact your destination hosts at the hostel, Margaret and Rodney.   This advice applies throughout Ireland – your accommodation providers will know best advice on how to get to them.  We all understand that travelling in Ireland can be complicated.


See Jasper Winn’s travel book entitled ‘ PADDLE – Along way round Ireland ‘

Julian travelling around Ireland clockwise!

ISBN 978-0-9560038-8-1