Hello Margaret and Rodney,

I’m the Australian woman who stayed at your home for several weeks in, I guess, October last year.

I’m about to wing my way home (from Salamanca, Spain) and thought I’d bid you a fond adieu.

Thank you very much for allowing me to stay at your wonderful accommodation, which I have very fond memories of.

Best wishes,


Hi Margaret and Rodney from Paddy 28-9-21
thank you for a very peaceful stay at sandrock holiday hostel,i stayed for two days and it was bliss,Rodney was a great host,and was attentive, if you want to get away for a few days,,this is the place to go,,very clean,,tidy and well run, credit to rod
Dear Margret and Rodney!

Unfortunately we had to leave this morning without saying goodbye because we had to catch the ferry to Northern Ireland.

So we couldn't say thank you for the nice stay we had at your place. We really enjoyed it and despite of the rainy weather, it was one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.

So thank you, and we hope to come back one day

Fabienne and Mathias
FYI, all 9 of us finished the Malin-Mizen cycle on Thursday afternoon, after 5 amazing days. Out of the 4 hostels we stayed in, yours was by far the homeliest, in the nicest setting – keep up the good work! Thanks again



Dear Rodney and Margaret

Hope this finds you both well,sorry its been so long but I thought your card was lost and just found it amongst my souvenirs.

You may remember my Granddaughter and I stayed with you in September and we went off to research my family tree.You had very kindly helped by directing us to the grave at St Patricks and also the McSheffrey bridge and house nearby-I was still unable to prove where our family originated but I am satisfied that they were from Malin or nearby,I took home a pebble from the beach for each of my grandchildren.

Would love to hear from you and want to thank you again for such a great stay at your lovely Hostel.

Bye for now


Hello Margaret and Rodney,

I am not sure whether you remember us, me and Dali stayed at your hostel
couple of times, also with our friends, while we were living in Ireland.
Since we returned recently to Slovakia, it's a bit far to go and stay in
your lovely cosy place again but we keep recommending it to our friends.

You, as the hosts, are a real inspiration in creating the athmosphere in
my current work. I am involved in managing a small hostel in central
Slovakia, in historical town Banska Bystrica

I am really thankful to you both, for you attention to detail and style
you welcome the guests.

We wish you good health in an not-so-easy job, great visitors and lots
of enjoyment from your work.



Hello Margret, Hello Rodney,

best wishes from the Baltic Sea from Jana.
I had a fantastic time last month in your hostel. The view was so wonderful....
and the living room..so snugly.
I had a lot of fun in your little village, to my trip at the most Ireland Northerly Point and
with the kind people in your area.
Donegal is so beautiful... I think I will go back to Donegal next year. :-))
I would like go to the west coast from Donegal.

I would say thanks for your warmth and hospitality.

Greetings Jana


Hi Rodney & Margaret,


Here’s a link to the video I made of the Basking Sharks up at Malin head last weekend. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for your hospitality. You are the ideals hostel hosts !




Best Regards



Hello Rodney,

Bob and I would like to thank you and Margaret for such a pleasurable time at Sandrock.  The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.  After staying in hostels around Ireland, Sandrock was our favourite.  We will recommend it to our friends for a comfortable, friendly stay.

Bob & Noela

Brisbane, Australia

Bob & Noela
It's with great pleasure that I send you a copy of my first novel, because I was able to draw if from your hostel. Indeed, having been able to put my suitcase at "Sandrock" two years ago, this ideal setting gave me inspiration to create a part of my story. Maybe your French travelers could have pleasure to read it, quietly installed facing the open sea.
PS: Sorry for my English
Best regards, Thomas Lejeune

Author of novel 'RENVERSANT'

Thomas Lejeune

Hello Margret, hello Rodney!

A very happy Easter from Germany! 🙂 I’ve had the pleasure to be your guest last September and never forgot you and your lovely place since. How are you? How can you handle this crisis? I hope you are fine and healthy. Do you have any help?

Sure you don´t remember me. I´m the German voluptuous redhead, not young anymore, that prolonged the stay day after day after day. :-)) Saturday morning I left with a heavy heart and I could not even say goodbye. I cried an whole hour in the car on my way to Kerry, where I had my booking and did not want to disappoint my lovely landlady, as well as I like her a lot and wanted to see her. But the goodbye was really, really hard … ;-(
Due to this crisis I have only limited resources, so I don´t know if I can travel this year at all, but with all of my heart I can say that I so much look forward seeing you and your lovely place again as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for having been such a lovely and patient host. You and your place will always have a special place in my heart.

Wishing you both a lovely springtime and joyful Easter weekend. 🙂

Slán agus beannachtaí



 Hi Rodney and Margaret,
There aren’t  many days that go by that I don’t think of the amazing time I spent there in your beautiful hostel.
As the world is turning upside down due to this horrible virus I wanted to see how you are doing and hoping that you are all well and safe up there .
You know I want to come back. Had plans for the Dougherty clan reunion.  Even though it is still scheduled I’m not sure if it should be or will be as time gets closer. . So sad.
I still have contact with the 2 young Aussie girls Eliza and Chloe  and Mauve  from Tipperary.  So many beautiful  memories. Take good care of yourselves.
Donna from


Hello to you and Margaret
Apologies I am only getting a chance to email you now. I wanted to say a big thank you for our lovely stay at Sandrock on 28 October. My niece Lucy and I (Sylvie) had a wonderful time staying at Sandrock and it brought back fond memories from 15 years ago. We didn’t say goodbye as we did not want to disturb you after what must have been a very busy season for you both.
Hopefully it will not be as long until we visit you again.
Thanks again for your lovely hostel.
Kind regards



Do you yearn for, Hospitality that warms your Heart? Views comparable with the Peace of your Dreams, ANd a gemstone beach just round the corner! away from the Bright Light Cities that can erode your soul? and Fresh Sea Air to re-juvenate your Body1 Sandrock Hostel, Malin head, Donegal.!! Heaven on Earth!!




Dear Rodney and Margaret


I wanted to say hello and tell you that the holidays in your hostel is like being in paradise . an affectionate embrace Cinzia Italy




Dear Rodney and Margaret,

I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye this morning. This is just to say thank you, the four Spaniards have a great time in your charming place, such a beautiful corner of Ireland! I hope to see you soon.

All the best